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This is a fork from lilURL ( with some
modern and personal changes.
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Fork from lilURL ( hosted by EchedeyLR (

lilURL is a simple PHP/MySQL app that works basically like, allowing you to create shortcuts on your own server.

To install:

  1. Create a MySQL database and user for lilURL.

  2. Import the lilurl.sql file:

    (( like so:

    mysql -u <lilurl_user> -p <lilurl_db> < lilurl.sql


  3. Edit the configuration file includes/conf.php to suit your needs.

  4. Set up mod_rewrite, if necessary

    (( a .htaccess file with the lines:

    RewriteEngine On RewriteRule (.*) index.php

    should suffice ))

  5. Buy 15 donuts and eat them all in one sitting.